What we do

When you are buying or selling property or land, you will need someone to handle the legal side of your transaction, and conveyancing is the legal term for that transfer of ownership.

When you are buying, we will handle the contracts, give legal advice, request the local authority searches, liaise with the Land Registry and HMRC (where stamp duty is involved) and transfer the funds to pay for your property. All while making sure we explain any complex areas to you in plain English.

When it comes to selling property, we will answer the enquiries raised by your buyer and prepare a contract for you to agree that sale. We then make sure the funds are transferred from your buyer.

Buying or selling a property typically takes 8-12 weeks. However, the process can take longer depending on the chain of buyers and sellers and their particular circumstances. There are certain key stages of the Conveyancing Process and we would refer you to CLC Guides which explain the stages in more detail. Click here to view the CLC home buying process guide. Click here to view the CLC home selling process guide.

We are specialists, a conveyancer is usually better value than a solicitor, as we specialise solely in property matters rather than other legal matters.

According to the Legal Ombudsman, one in five complaints made to them are now about residential conveyancing, which makes it the most complained about area of law. With house sales increasing in volume this in turn puts pressure on lawyers to rush through purchases to keep up with demand, which we worry reduces the quality of service, especially among those “low cost” lawyers, who have to keep their costs and time to a bare minimum.

Bearing in mind that a property is most likely the most expensive purchase you will ever make, is this really a good idea to buy cheap? From experience, a low priced property lawyer may well sell themselves with a low fee, but then many add on costs for so called “extras” that other lawyers would have as part of their standard fee.

Also, although there may be a lawyer there, how often will you be able to actually speak to that lawyer or will you be dealing with the office junior for the most part? What if they miss something? You may not know until you come to sell – when perhaps your buyer employs a decent lawyer who notices something the cheap one missed.

Selling in a buoyant market is easy, but then in a slack market when you need to sell, this isn’t the time to find issues.

Simply put, there are too many nuances and pitfalls in the process to leave it to a call centre, low cost, tick-box style of conveyancing.